Books by Susan

A Mother’s Heart Prays: Devotions From One Mom to Another
by susan werthem

God wants to hear from you and praying the Scriptures is a wonderful and special way to talk with Him about your children.

A Mother’s Heart Prays, Devotions from One Mom to Another, shares touching, humorous, and sweet moments of motherhood in an easy-to-read format. Some days include praying Scriptures for your child. Others offer brief devotions that will inspire you to think of new ways to pray for your family.

You’re a Mom. You’re busy by default. This devotional acknowledges that some days you have more time than others. After you have meditated on the thought for the day, journal your prayers for your family and then, when prayers have been answered, go back and write in dates of answered prayer to celebrate God’s faithfulness.

A great Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Baby Shower gift.

Click here to view devotional book for Moms.

Life What a Joy: collection of life advice

by susan werthem
A collection of godly advice…a 2 month devotional book. A great gift.


Click here to view devotional book.

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