Words to Live By

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Blessings, Susan









20141129-132120.jpgBlessings, Susan

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The Heart of Recovery ~ Part 3

Part 3 of a series called The Heart of Recovery. In my 2 previous posts I began to explored the role we play when we have an ADULT addict in our family circle. Using the word HEART as an acrostic I began with “H”. H – HOLD onto your addiction to their addiction no more …

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Special Requests

Seventeen years ago my husband's sister, Holly, walked into our kitchen with her first grandchild in tow. She went on and on about him. When they left I said to my husband, "Good grief! What was up with that?! He's just a grandchild!" OOPS! Then we had grandchildren! Now I absolutely loved having our children. …

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I was terrified. I screamed my husband's name, but it was incoherent. From the other room it sounded like I was yawning, therefore no one came to my rescue. I heard Wade leaving the house. He was out in the garage. I screamed his name again a little more clearly. But he didn't hear me. …

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Brick Walls

Brick walls. Brick walls can be decorative, such as one seen in a botanical garden. Brick walls can be functional, such as one on a roadway shoulder. Brick walls can be for security such as ones that surrounded ancient cities to keep their enemies out. Likewise emotional brick walls are erected when we want to …

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