This week I had the opportunity to pray for our church during our 36 hours of Prayer and Fasting. Unfortunately I did not fast for those 36 hours, but I did go to our church and pray for 1 hour.

We were given the choice to pray at home or at the church. I knew if I prayed at home, the distractions of life would get in my way, but not at church. I was able to focus on God, praising Him, thanking Him, and asking for His guidance. What a Holy experience!

Our church is in what may call flux, but I’d rather call it on the brink of a miracle.

Our pastor moved out west (Texas I think) several months ago. We have decided to close our downtown property and move to the west campus. BIG decisions.

We could have become discouraged and create infighting, but we have come together for the common good of our community, church, and for God’s plan. I for one am excited to see what He has in mind for our future.

Our church is not wringing it’s hands so to speak, rather we are lifting our hands in praise to The Lord, knowing He will direct us.

I thank our Pastor Research Team for not making a quick decision; a thoughtful, prayerful choice must be made. I also thank our church leaders for coming together and continuing to carry the torch for Christ. And a huge thank you to the Church Body… still running the race.

Our Life Groups are growing, people are coming to Know Christ, people are being baptized, evangelism is still a focus with training classes being taught. We as a church need a leader such as David, but while we wait we have people like the disciples leading the flock.

I feel blessed.

Blessings, Susan

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