Unfortunately I am not in the best shape. Years ago I was…but not now….sad but true.

I try to walk…but it is so hot, my knees and back hurt. And yes, if I was in better shape and lost weight it would be easier…DUH. But how to get in shape with knees that have bone rubbing on bone?!

My husband had this bike in the garage that he picked up at a discount store. I have tried to ride it, but about 4 or 5 houses down the road (and they are close together) I found myself exhausted and my knees screaming.

He wanted to start riding again this week (after a sabbatical due to surgery). He too found it almost impossible to get much further than I did. The seat was killing him, along with his back, hips, etc…good news is that neither of us had any pain in our earlobes. LOL

Off to the bike shop he went to get a new seat. Like a good salesman, the shop owner had him try another bike with a “better seat”. AH…maybe it was not just our poor stamina, maybe the bike contributed to the issue.

Needless to say he has a new bike. It is lightweight, has flat foot pedaling (don’t ask me to explain that)…but the end result is that it is easier to ride.

I tried it out. I only went about a quarter of a mile the first time, but much better than my past adventures on his old bike of about 300 feet!! I went a little more the next day and today on day three I rode 3 miles!! YES, 3 miles!!

Now for those of you that are spinners and long distant bikers that does not sound impressive; however, I am impressed.

What a difference when you have the right tool for the job!!Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 7.24.00 PM

That’s exactly how it is regarding the gift of eternal life. If I want to go to heaven, I need the right relationship with Christ. I can be the nicest person, do the most generous acts, be the picture of human decency, but if I do not have a relationship with Christ, I will not go to heaven.

Do you have a personal relationship with Christ? If not, please click here to learn how He can change your life as He did mine. It takes FAITH – Forgiveness which is Available to all but it is Impossible for God to allow sin into heaven unless you Turn away from your sin and to Christ resulting in the gift of Heaven. That is exactly what FAITH in Christ is!!

Don’t be relying on the tool of “niceness” to get into heaven…rely on Christ.

Blessings, Susan

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