We were in Houston the other day. On the way to the airport we stopped at a park by Nassau Bay where we were greeted by a couple of geese and several mallards.


At one point a goose was just outside the car door.

Right Outside our Passenger Door!!

Unfazed by our vehicle the mallards stood in the middle of the road and then circle our car.

Obviously they were not afraid. They felt safe and protected…and they were.


We were at Nassau Bay Peninsula Wildlife Park, a Bird Sanctuary.

No one messes with them as they are protected by The Law.

Normally it is highly unusual to see wild birds be so friendly. I was able to walk within just a few feet of two male mallards and a female before they slowly meandered away.wp-1462407449470.jpg




That is how we should feel…even as danger or calamity appears…safe and protected…by The Lord. We should not fret when pain or suffering comes near, because we know that He will protect us.

The LORD will keep you from all harm– He will watch over your life; Psalm 121:7-8

The past 6 months we have faced some serious personal trials; calamity did hover outside our doorway; however, we always knew we were under the watchful eye of God; under His protective wing.

AND when “danger” approached, we meandered away just like the ducks…we meandered away from fear and closer to Christ. We fell into the arms of Christ our protector.

As written in the Psalms, we knew He would not let us down. We hurled ourselves upon Him and He flung blessings upon us.

I am not saying that all troubles were gone, but we knew were we SAFE. The prayers of our faithful friends and family carried us through and continue to do so.

Are you facing what appears to be  insurmountable circumstances? Hurl yourself into the arms of God.


S – SEEK others to pray for you, especially when you cannot 

A – ABSORB His goodness

F – FLING yourself into the arms of Christ

E – EXPECT God to carry you through your hurt

Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.
Expect God for He will be there soon!!

Blessings, Susan

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