God is in the Details

“God is in the Details”

One of my BFFs says this frequently…and she is so right. This evening I witnessed His ever present nudging…letting me know He is in the Details!

It has been almost 5 months since I have written a word for this blog. We have been experiencing some rather serious trials and I was just not able to think about writing. Today was the first day I even looked at my website.

Seriously, the FIRST TIME in over 5 months!!

This afternoon I looked and made sure no one had hacked it…changed the font…saw no one had left a comment in 5 months…good, as I had not responded. Granted I should get an email notifying me of a comment, but if you knew how I had also neglected my Inbox until this week, you would understand. (66,000 unread emails! But that’s another story…Praise God, I got that addressed!!)

So…back to “God is in the Details”.

I wanted to write tonight. I had the topic all planned. Upon opening my website I saw I had a comment. The first comment in 5 months and it was posted 11 minutes ago!! ELEVEN MINUTES AGO!!

It was in regards to my “NYC – Remembering 911” post. Please click here and take the time to read…all the way down to DJS’s comment.

DJS has no idea how their comment was such a God thing for me.

I want to say thank you to DJS.wp-1461894699540.jpg

God is truly in the details…don’t forget it.

Blessings, Susan

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