Blessed is the nation

Woe is me…the cleansing of Christmas and Christianity is a sign of the times. The powers that be have determined anything referencing Christianity is a thorn in their flesh. My teeth are set on edge when I read that children cannot sing Christmas carols or mention Santa…it seems in America the blind are leading the blind.

I find this debate to be a two edged sword. As a Christian my heart’s desire is to have the right to celebrate and live my faith in Christ without looking over my shoulder.  

If we allow Christian prayers in school or a nativity scene on public property we run the risk of other religions having the right to also be celebrated.

So the question is, “Do we allow all faiths to be celebrated in the public arena?”

Part of me says fine and that it does not scare me! My God is strong enough to withstand being in the midst of a nest of vipers. But that is not just a saying, some are truly vipers.

Why is it okay for schools to preach non-Christian religions and their rhetoric or worship their graven images? If these teachings are permissable, WHY is Christianity treated with extreme prejudice and distain? I am at my wits end and have a broken heart thinking of the wolf in sheep’s clothing we are allowing into our midst.

I know we are to have the patience of Job, but God does not intend for us to be like a lamb led to the slaughter.  I am a voice crying in the wilderness, saying we can no longer eat drink and be merry…yes we are to forgive them for they know not what they do, but that does not mean we are to fail to read the writing that is on the wall nor give up the ghost.

Remember your faith can move mountains and thus those who think they are mighty they will fall…BUT this will ONLY happen if America gets its house in order.image

We cannot just offer a peace offering, but with the sweat of our brow we must say “Get behind me Satan”The root of the matter is that we have responded with a soft answer hoping it would turn away wrath but not in these times!!

The world is facing violence and terror, behaviors  as old as the hills.. They are  casting pearls before swine. One day they will reap what they sow.

We cannot be a nation like a  house divided against itself for if we are we cannot stand strong. Rather we must remember that many are called but few are chosen and you, my friend, have been chosen!!

In America men and women of faith – Judeo-Christian faith – have been chosen to fight the good fight and to go to the ends of the earth letting others know that it is Our Lord’s heart’s desire is for America to serve Him for He is sufficient unto the day.

Do not allow your heart to be hardened; instead gird your loins  and go the extra mile to stand up for Christ!!

The Politically Correct (PC) want to wipe away all traces of Christianity. Do they realize that their very language is beautifully filled with numerous phrases from the Bible? Each phrase that originated from our Bible is underlined in this post.

Are the PC police going to irradicate these words from their conversation? In a way I hope so…for they would find themselves being silent!!
It is said for everything there is a season…and today the season is asking, “Are you going to stand up for Christ?” or are you going to wash your hands of the matter?

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”
Psalm 33:12

Call your congressmen, attend your local community meetings, get involved! If you have children in public school read what they are being taught….to take a nation it starts with converting the youth!!!

I am a Christian and I love America. Let’s stand up for our rights!!!

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America is beautiful!


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