It looks so innocent ~ but deadly to your dog!


Gum. Breath Mints.

They look so innocent.

We want our breath to be fresh, but we don’t want the added sugar.

Did you know that a new sugar substitute can send your dog to the Vet or even to the grave!

Most people know that milk chocolate is not good for their dog, but who would think breath mints could cause such havoc.

This in not some weird Facebook or email legend. Listed below are some reputable links for you to verify this information. There is power in knowing.

Dogs love to find just about anything around the house to munch on while their owner is away. When we were first married, our lab would open the closet door, take one of my husband’s shirts off of the coat hanger and chew on it. Or how about the time she decided to eat the couch…which was the only piece of furniture in the house that belonged to our landlord!! I could go on and on about her antics!

Anyone that has a pet has a story or two to tell…but don’t let yours be one of illness or death due to Xylitol. Keep those mints and sticks of gum out of reach.

Currently I am trying to change my eating habits. Ugh!! Hard!! I have gone on a very, very restrictive diet. I laugh and say I can only eat twigs and dandelion stems. Losing weight is one goal, but making sure I am not eating things that make me sluggish is important too.

In order to continue on this path, I need my family’s support. If my husband brings home coffee ice cream and brownies…I am going to very tempted to chuck this diet plan to the wind and dig in!!

Therefore, if food that I eat causes my brother to stumble, I will never eat meat again, in order to keep my brother from stumbling. (1 Corinthians 8:13)

So just as your breath mints may be just too tempting for your pet…making it stumble…stumble right into the Vet’s office…thus the ice cream may do the same for me.

Daily we face temptations…friends can bring us down and temp us to engage in activities that do not glorify God. Years ago I worked with a lady I’ll call Tony. Every day Tony would complain about her husband. By the end of the day we were all mad at our spouses. Negativity is like a fungus…it spreads. The rest of us had to join forces to be positive.

We as Christians have the grand opportunity to be a positive influence amongst our co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family.

What activities or habits do you have that cause other’s to loose their footing? Let’s support one another in their journey and not bring them down…lift them up!!

Blessings, Susan


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