ignis fatuus

My Dad always loved learning new words. Beside his chair he kept a HUGE dictionary on a wooden stand. Every day he read it like one would read a good novel.

His goal was to use a new word every day in several sentences so that he would learn it. He also enjoyed doing the word challenge in the Reader’s Digest. I loved it when I would beat him! But his favorite was doing the New York Crossword puzzle in pen! (A hobby I never took up.)

In an effort to improve my vocabulary [and to be like my Dad :)] I have the app which sends me a new word daily. It feels good to know the word already…but today’s was a new one for me!

ignis fatuus


ignis fatuus – “something deceptive or deluding”


It’s from the Modern Latin, meaning ‘foolish fire‘, because of a fire’s erratic movements. Blazing Fire

I can think of a multitude of examples in today’s world that fit that description…as I am sure you can too.

But what is in your immediate environment that is an ignis fatuus? 

Is there a false teacher you are listening to that is deceptive or deluding?

There are some wonderful preachers and teachers in our pulpits, on our TVs and radios, along with conference leaders and authors. However, it is our responsibility to ensure they are not filling our minds, hearts, and spirits with ignis fatuus information.

Ask God for discernment. Don’t let their charisma and slick presentation fool you. Always check what they teach against the WORD. Don’t let your emotions be your guide…The Bible should be your only measuring stick.



  • Do they preach the gospel?



  • Do they preach The Word or do they pervert it?



  • Do they lift up Christ or themselves?



  • Does their message produce fruit?



  • Do they claim if you send them money (lots of money!!) God will bless you?


Lord, may my posts and messages never be ignis fatuus!

The time will come when people will not listen to the truth. They will look for teachers who will tell them only what they want to hear. (2 Timothy 4:3)

Reader, when my post are not the TRUTH…let me know!! Yes, my posts are light hearted and more like chicken-soup for the soul like stories. But my goal is to point my readers toward Christ.

Be very careful, dear friend, of those that teach a ‘name it and claim it’ theology. God is not a vending machine. He has given us a brain…use it…study and make sure the doctrine you are following aligns with the Gospel.

Back in the mid 1980’s my Dad took a DOS Computer class for Seniors at the Community College. He was about 68. He was really quite good at computers. He learned Lotus Notes spreadsheet software and in the early ’90s he computerized the New Port Richey’s Habitat for Humanity’s finances. He died in 2002.

He would have loved today’s i-Phone, i-Pad, or my Galaxy Note 5 and the unending apps and the ability to educate yourself at your fingertips. I can just see him now…signing up for every dictionary app, joining Twitter so that he could read Billy Graham’s tweets, following various Christian bloggers, reading the news, using Excel…the list is infinite!

BUT I know he would have made sure that what he read was not ignis fatuus! He would have Tested it. He would have Validated it.

Dad was my hero and I miss him terribly. He had a hunger for knowledge. A hunger for the TRUTH. He loved our Lord.

I know he would get great joy out of my love for computers, blogging and sharing my simple nuggets of how God works in my life..and for me..what a great  joy to share with you a small aspect of his life and how he shaped me.

Blessings, Susan

One thought on “Deception

  1. Shirley

    Thank you Susan, What alot to think about, but really we think of those words “Ignus Fatus” in so many situations. I guess we call them . Thank you for including me. Happy Birthday Susan tomorrow for your special day. love Shirley


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