Lift High the Lord, Jesus King


Lift High the Lord, Jesus King

Today while I worked I listened to a Praise CD I had bought years and years ago.

I needed that! He is my Mighty Warrior! Is He yours?

No matter what battle you are facing, Christ is dressed for battle for YOU!
He has the ability to take care of YOU and not only the ability…He WILL take care of you and crush the enemy.
Yesterday my husband and I were speaking with a pastor friend of ours. We spoke of the Christian persecution that is going on around the world AND even on our own soil. We all asked each other, if we were faced with the same situation that the people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon were  — would we have the faith, the strength, the ability to stand up and say, “YES I AM A CHRISTIAN” knowing that statement would mean certain death.
Sitting here in the safety of my living room it is easy to say of course I would! But would I? Oh, Lord, how I pray my faith would be such…but even Peter denied Christ.
None of us truly know how we would react in such a situation.
I really do not think there is a right or wrong answer to that question. If I said no, my name is already written down in the Book of Life…God is not going to erase it.
And I have no right to judge others in how they would respond.
The question for me is today, in my current circumstances am I silent or do I share my faith with those around me??
Silence is deadly…we rob others of the opportunity to get to know Christ. We rob them of the gift of eternal life by not sharing our faith with them.

Our SILENCE…our silence is deafening.

Our SILENCE is allowing our rights to be trampled upon.


Raise a banner on a bare hilltop, shout to them; beckon to them to enter the gates of the nobles. Isaiah 13:2
Blessings, Susan

3 thoughts on “Lift High the Lord, Jesus King

  1. Shirley

    Thank you Susan, so nice to hear from you, and Mary has filled me in. You are in my prayers every day. Yes God will be your Warrior if you let Him in. Good reading. thank you


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