MOVE FORWARD – You can change

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When I am
unable to change the circumstances I am in, it’s my responsibility to change myself.

Easier said than done!!

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So how do I do that? How do I learn to move forward when barriers are placed in front of me?

How do you?

This can apply to a variety of situations…work, marriage, family, church, health, wealth or lack thereof, weight, depression, oppression, bullying, ___________…just fill in the blank….

I am not saying one must pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but God does not want any of us to wallow in the past, wallow in self pity, to stand still and do nothing…He wants us to MOVE FORWARD.

Once you determine you want to move forward, remember you are not doing this alone – God has provided you with the POWER to change…through His Holy Spirit.

Be courageous and stand up for yourself.

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Years ago I worked with a surgical nurse that was smart, talented, but yet cruel to fellow staff. Everyone was terrified of her. She was known to whack another nurse on the hands with a surgical clamp. About 3 months after I had joined this hospital’s OR team we worked together on a case. This was the moment where I could act with confidence or fear.

I was young, not quite 30. She was near 60. It became clear she had bullied her way through life. I acted with confidence…and soon I believed that my brave and confident persona…and soon others believed it too. I took the target off of my back.

There was no payoff for her bullying me, thus I was no longer in her cross hairs.

When our boys were young our oldest would call is younger brother a silly name…each time this happened our youngest would go into a complete tizzy. After much coaching from me he learned if he stopped reacting…in other words stop the tizzy, the teasing would stop. Sure enough after one dinner with no reaction, the teasing was no longer ellicting the response of frustration. Brian learned to change his reaction thus changing his brother’s. Simple but effective.

Did Brian ‘feel’ confident at that time? No, but he trusted the advise of his mom (me) and acted with confidence. His circumstances did not change until his own behavior changed (response).

As I write this I’m reminded of numerous times throughout his youth and now in his adulthood where this simple life lesson that played out over dinner so many years ago, truly influenced his reactions to situations far more complex in nature…

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Now when it comes to physical health our attitude has a significant influence in our recovery.

My mother had metastatic breast cancer…once diagnosed they expected her to live no more than 18 months…by the Grace of God she had 5 wonderful years.  

Why? Her attitude. She had opted to only have surgery and no other treatment. Yet her positive attitude…her choice to MOVE FORWARD resulted in her having five good years. 

She relied on The Lord, drew strength from Christ and was supported by her loving husband.

God had a special plan for us as humans when He created us. He made us unique. Studies are beginning to show our brains look different depending on our emotions. It is my opinion that the chemicals released by our brains have an impact on our healing. Negative thoughts? What type of chemicals begin to circulate when we fail to allow the Holy Spirit to minister us and lift us up?

I don’t have that answer.

I am not saying this in a humanistic way…please do not misunderstand. What I am saying is that God made each of us, and it is His desire we live full and abundant lives. We need to live life with the Peace and Joy of God.

Your situation may not be like Mom’s…your physical health may be great, but your emotional health may be a wreck.

A co-worker, a friend, or a family member’s words may be having an impact on how you feel about yourself. Little by little their bullying (and yes it is bullying) may be slowly destroying your self esteem.

The friction of a piece of iron against another iron piece is how a knife is sharpened. Proverbs tells us: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)… allow me to be that piece of iron for you today. 

You may have lost your edge…but today, MOVE FORWARD…be sharpened!

When YOU  are
unable to change the circumstances YOU are in, it’s YOUR responsibility to change YOURSELF, WITH the guidance of The Holy Spirit .


Blessings, Susan

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