God Guide my Way

A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD determines his steps.

Proverbs 16:9


I love to plan vacations.  Planning the itinerary. Selecting the hotels.

BUT determining the scenic drives and destinations are my favorite parts!!

There are 2 places on my bucket list I want to definitely visit…yes there are more than 2, but these 2 rise to the top.

The Grand Canyon area and Ireland.

First it will be The Grand Canyon. As a child we drove out west and visited all the wonders of that area. Then about 12 years ago I had an opportunity to go to Phoenix for a convention. I drove two clients to Sedona. Oh, my goodness, what beautiful views!!!

My husband has been to Phoenix but not the surrounding area. I truly want him to see these amazing vistas and the outstanding red rock formations. Doesn’t that sound so selfless of me! HA HA…I want to see those views again too!!

QUESTION…have you been to The Grand Canyon and surrounding area? If so, send me your ideas of what we should see. I am hoping we can spend about 8 days out there.

When I was a little girl Mom planned our trips and I am much like her. She would pour over travel guidebooks, share them with us; together as a family we would map out our path.

AAA was our friend.

We would drive to the local AAA store to pickup Trip Tiks…little booklets that were held together with comb binding. Each page showed you the way…what to avoid, construction ahead, every turn was laid out. Additionally we’d pack huge maps of each state, large city, region, etc. AH…and Tour Books! (AAA still provides these services…and yes I still use most of them!!)

My sister, Caroline, was the “map expert”. She loved reading the map, providing the directions. Now that I am older I realize how clever she was…the “map expert” sat up front! HA…Caroline, I am on to you! (A little late, but I am on to you!) Unfortunately I never had a chance to read the map on our trips. Good one, Caroline!! 🙂

As we drove Mom or Dad would soon be asking where is Phoenix (or some other city) on the map?

Caroline would look at the legend, find the alpha-numeric combination, locate it on the grid…voila…Phoenix!  (For those of you who have never used a real map and only have used GPS…go get a map…it will give you a great appreciation how we pioneers traveled 50 years ago!) LOL

 AAA could map out our path, but ultimately it was our decision whether we went left or right. My Dad had a compass in his car and many times he would get this “great” idea to follow the compass, drive down some road not on the map…we’d make great time…sometimes it was great time getting nowhere…U-Turns were his speciality! (Now my friends and family know why I am the U-Turn Expert!)

Don’t you wish there was a map, Trip Tik for life? As you flipped the booklet, your path would be completely laid out, barriers, construction, difficulties all revealed with detours in order to avoid them?

HMMM…back to reality. God does not give us a step-by-step Trip Tik for life. What He does provide is our Guide Book…The Bible. AND His Holy Spirit. It is our responsibility to LISTEN to His Holy Spirit.

A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD determines his steps. 

Photo Mar 25We can make all sorts of plans for our lives, but ultimately God is the one that makes the determination of what our journey will look like…we can listen to Him and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and we will take the steps He has designed. Or we can do our own thing…He will still direct our steps, but most likely not the trip He wanted us to take.

I think this is a very hard concept to understand, and obviously difficult for me to explain. I ask for God’s Grace in how I have shared my perception of this verse.

Sometimes He has us move forward, while other times backwards or even in circles…but HE HAS A PURPOSE for these various itineraries.  He knows of the construction ahead, the potholes He wants us to avoid…He has a reason for the detour. We just have to trust Him.

God will provide us with just what we need to know, just in time, IF WE STAY in the CENTER of His will…don’t stress over next steps.

LORD, help us to keep our eye on Jesus.

Blessings, Susan

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