What food are you?

The other evening I wanted something sweet to eat. After rummaging through the pantry I found a Koshi granola bar and Nutella.

Nutella – now that reminds me of my friend Mary. We worked together for about a year as healthcare IT consultants. We spent many hours in the Delta Sky Club in between flights where she introduced me to Nutella.

This image made me start to think of the various foods that remind me of various people.

Vegetarian vegetable soup – BFF Cecily

Canned oysters – son Jacob

Ruben sandwich – son Brian

Liver and onions – friend April

Chicken pot pie – sister Caroline

Fried shrimp – husband Wade

Roasted lamb – sister-in-law Holly

Kale and Chicken Marcella – daughter-in-law Rachel

Brownies – daughter-in-law Tammy

Chard – sister-in-law Janna

I could go on and on…aren’t you glad I didn’t? LOL

BUT SERIOUSLY – what food would someone identify with you?

BETTER YET,  What fruit are you associated with?

That is, what fruit of the Spirit?

Do people identify you as a Christian because of your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control? (from Galatians 5:22-23)



I seriously have to say, my answer is, “Sometimes. Unfortunately not all of the time…but I am working on it.”

Notice the way God listed out the Fruit of the Spirit…I don’t think having self-control listed last was by accident…not until you have the other attributes, does self-control appear as far as I am concerned.

It begins with LOVE…the Love of Christ that is in you if you KNOW HIM. 


Call on the Holy Spirit that dwells in you as a believer, and ask for these attributes to be evident in your life.  

His Love will bring you joy, then you will have the peace of God that transcends all understanding, resulting in patience, which will lead you to be kind even when it seems impossible, thus promoting goodness and faithfulness, all with a gentle spirit.

This is the kind of fruit I want to resemble.  How about you?

Blessings, Susan


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