Pray for your neighbors

Our church, like many, is focusing on praying for our community. Today in Sunday School class we studied how Nehemiah prayed for his people. (Nehemiah 1)

We asked ourselves if we prayed as he did for our neighbors? 

When I first moved into our neighborhood I did.  Two other neighbors joined me as we prayed for each family in our 19 home HOA, but soon life got in our way and that practice stopped.

Today our Sunday School leader challenged us to pray for our neighborhood using Nehemiah’s prayer as a template.Globcal_medium_resolution_globe

This afternoon I started to draft my community prayer.  Tonight I would like to share with you my prayer for my neighbors.

It would be my honor and privilege if you prayed these words for your neighborhood. 

This is a simple prayer, not flowery, nor are there any “magical” words, but it is my simple request to God for my community…use it for yours…There is power in prayer!!

O Lord God Almighty, our great and awesome God who keeps His promises, hear my prayer. You are so loving and kind to those who love and obey your Word! Father, God, please forgive me when I do not follow your Word.

Please listen carefully to this prayer as I intercede for my neighborhood. Lord, it is my prayer that everyone on this block knows you in a personal way.

Father, let my life reflect you, not just through words but through actions.

Help me to recognize ways I can reach out and be your light to this community.

Lord, many on this block are hurting emotionally, financially, and spiritually. My prayer is that they will seek you daily for all of their needs.

Many may be suffering the consequences of poor decisions…decisions of their own or those thrust upon them by others. Lord, show them that you are the only way out or through these challenging life situations.

Lord, God Almighty, may you be glorified in my neighborhood. I am your servant and pray that you use me as you wish. O Lord, please hear my prayer for I delight in you.


Blessings, Susan

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