Somehow I have found myself in the middle of a CraftFrenzy…


Making pallet photo frames…

And now rolled paper collage on canvas!

Such fun!

My plan is to sell them online. I already have a local store that has sold a few pieces.

I also have made a commitment to read the Bible through, chronologically in 90 days…okay that is not realistic, a lofty goal I know.

However, today I listened to the first 12 chapters of Job while “Crafting”…good stuff.

Have you tried Biblegateway online?  You can listen to the Bible in various versions.  I selected ESV.

Try it…
Craft – Verb

 to make or manufacture (an object, objects, product, etc.) with skilland careful attention to detail 

As I crafted with my hands, I allowed God to craft my heart.

I pray that my CraftFrenzy continues…making “things” with my hands and God carefully creating a new heart.

Blessings, Susan

2 thoughts on “CraftFrenzy

  1. Mary Timmes

    I wish you all the BEST with your new craft! And thank you for the link to I have to read all day for my job, so listening to God’s word is easier and helps me to apply things better. I plan to listen while I walk for at least 30 mins. each day…That is my goal.
    Thanks again, and I hope you have a BLESSED week ahead,


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