Yesterday we were driving in Florida on the Interstate in the pouring rain. Our car was hydroplaning but thankfully my husband kept the car on the road.

Out of the corner of my eye, across 3 lanes, I noticed a car on the on-ramp and shoulder who had apparently spun out. They were cockeyed in the lane, sort of headed north in the south bound lane. There was no way we could stop to check on them.

I said a prayer and pulled my phone out of my purse to dial 911. Looking for a mile marker before I dialed, I realized I’d have to wait for an exit sign. The heavy downpour was making it impossible to see any markers.

It was about 5 minutes before I was able to call and provide a location. No one else had reported the apparent accident. Did they not see it? Did they think everyone else would call? Or did they feel it was a single car incident and nothing could have happened?

I’m a nurse and thus I always think worse case scenario.

I sit here this morning wondering if the occupants were okay. Did their airbags deploy and possibly injure them? Was it an elderly person who was frightened? Were there children in the car?

I’ll never know.

Was it the blinding rain or the road conditions that caused them to end up heading the wrong way and partially off the road? Were they driving too fast?


Outside Rome in 2013

Sometimes when we find ourselves headed in the wrong direction we too wonder what happened, where did we go wrong?

Did we lose sight of God’s plan? Were we going too fast?

My dear friend, April’s life verse is
4 God made everything with a place and purpose;
Proverbs 16:4a (MSG)

God has a plan for us. Sometimes we are blinded by all the distractions in our lives. Or we head down the wrong path and we lose our footing.

Other times we are blessed to hear God’s voice loud and clear. When we do, we need to heed His directions and follow the path He has prepared for us.

Today in your devotions, ask God to take off your blinders, give you clarity of purpose, and to open your heart and mind to His plans for you.

Do not be surprised when He provides you with a bold and direct answer as He DOES have a purpose for your life!!

But if He elects to delay the answer, do NOT be disappointed.

Clarity will come.

If you are walking with Christ, living your life according to His WORD, you ARE fulfilling His plan for you.

Blessings, Susan

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One thought on “Clarity

  1. April Henning

    Thank you, dear friend. I never realized I had often quoted “The Lord has created everything for it’s purpose”. But how true. Have fun and enjoy the lobsters!


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