Riding in the car last week with my husband I looked out the window and saw the river along with boats tied up to their docks.

It’s the same view I see every day when I’m riding home from work.

This time however I saw it from a visitor’s point of view.

I laughed and said to my husband that if we were on vacation I would’ve wanted to stop and take a picture. Instead it was a familiar scene that I took for granted.

Every day we fail to see the beauty that is right at our doorstep.

Sometimes it is not a picturesque scene that we take for granted but family and friends…God.

How many times have we been annoyed with our spouse or ignored our children?

When have we failed to really see them and hear them? Listen to them ?

We only have a finite amount of years, hours, minutes here on earth.

How are we using them?

What or who do we not really see?


At this point in writing this I was sitting in a physician’s office waiting room. A lady came in and after checking in she sat next to me and she proceeded to strike up a conversation.

I was annoyed.

“I only have a few minutes to write this blog,” I thought.

“Lady, please stop talking” came into my head.


“Susan, what are you doing? The very thing you are writing about.”

“What is more important, words on a page or connecting with another human being?”

I told God I heard Him loud and clear.

I put down my phone (I frequently type posts on iPhone) and I ‘listened’ to this woman.

Nothing earth shattering happened; however, it was apparent she needed an ear to hear.

Maybe that was exactly what God had in mind when He had me start this message.

10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10a

I heard Him with distinct clarity.

“Listen, Susan!”

Enough said!!

I don’t think I need to type another word.

Blessings. Susan

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