Bullying – STOP it NOW

I believe that most of us at some point in our lives have experienced bullying.

When I was a child it was generally a minor event of name-calling; however, in Junior High School it was worse.

Thankfully by the time I was in Senior High we all seemed to be too interested in dating than bullying each other.

Yes it was wrong to call someone a name. It was insensitive and abusive, but nothing like it is today!!

Now weekly if not daily we hear of a tragedy that is the result of bullying.

I am alarmed at the escalation of these heartbreaking events. Children killing children, teens committing suicide, adults shooting co-workers, strangers attacking strangers, the list goes on and on.

What has happened to our society?

We have allowed God to be expelled from the school system and every other part of society.

A nation without God, is a nation on the road to destruction.

We have allowed almost every depravity to be broadcasted on TV…nothing is taboo.

Oh, excuse me, if it is a Christian opinion, it is taboo.

So, this now brings me back to the topic of bullying.

Reality TV “stars” are verbally abusive to one another. And for some reason that is okay with us.

Women screaming at one another and throwing tantrums.20140101-230510.jpg

I just saw a commercial of a dance teacher screaming at the children in her charge…and this was in the Mothers’ presence. How can this be called a TV show? This should be a crime show. How can this be legal?

When we as a society allow our children to grow up watching such behavior, it is no wonder we have a problem with bullying!!

I wish I had the answers to how we can change this downward spiral America is taking. Of course prayer is the first and foremost answer, but I believe God expects us to do more.

We need to let the media know how we feel about such programs. Have you ever written a TV program or station about the vile their program is spewing?

I have. No, I am not bragging. I am just hoping that you will be willing to follow my example.

Speak up America!!

If you are from another country and you are seeing similar programing…speak up!

If we just stay silent, we are part of the problem…let’s be part of the solution.

Blessings, Susan

Susan Werthem is a Bible study leader, speaker and author.

She takes the Word of God and shares His truth in a humorous, unique and insightful way.

To contact Susan to plan a retreat or seminar Click here.

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