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White Water Walk ~ Susan Werthem
White Water Walk ~ Susan Werthem

We recently returned from Niagara Falls, Canada. I went online last night to TripAdvisor to post some reviews of the various places we visited and stayed.

Our Adventure Pass at the Falls provided entry to Maid of the Mist (Boat ride up to the Falls), Journey Behind the Falls ( Tunnel below the Horseshoe Falls), Niagara’s Fury (Realistic 360º Video of Falls ), and White Water Walk (Boardwalk on the edge of the rapids).

All four were great; however, the White Water Walk was the best.  I could have stood there for hours taking pictures and enjoying the view. The water was this beautiful greenish blue.  I said to my husband, this is what I imagine heaven looks like.

Last night before I posted my comments on TripAdvisor about the White Water Walk, I read various comments from others.  One person wrote, “it is just walking along side a river with whirlpools on a boardwalk.”  Another, “Boring!”  REALLY?  What did you expect?  This is not Disney World.

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We live in a time where people cannot find enjoyment in the simple beauty of God’s magnificent world.

One of my daughter-in-laws is an absolute fanatic about parks.  As we traveled last week we kept saying how much she would enjoy the various places we visited.  She has taught our grandchildren that it is in the sweet beauty of our surroundings we find enjoyment, not in the bells and whistles of a theme park.

Step outside, look at what God has created for you and for me.  We are so very blessed!  

One cannot even to begin to imagine

what He has readied for us in Heaven!!

And since I’m going away to prepare a place for you, I’ll come back again and welcome you into my presence, so that you may be where I am. John 14:3 (ISV)

Blessings, Susan

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Susan Werthem is a Bible study leader, speaker and author.Image-1
She takes the Word of God and shares His truth in a humorous, unique and insightful way.

To contact Susan to plan a retreat or seminar Click here.

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