Racing on and off the track

20130707-152325.jpgSaturday, July 6, 2013 fans poured into the Daytona Beach International Speedway to watch the NASCAR’s Coke Zero 400.

We had great front row seats. Spectacular view!

They were not in the Sprint or Weatherly Towers but we were at the start-finish line.

NASCAR at its best!


We were enjoying the impressive turn-by-turn commentary from our front row living room La-Z-Boys. Outstanding! The comforts of home, close-ups,, instant replay, the inside scoop, and free.

This past February we went to the Gator Aide Duals and did sit in the Sprint Towers. Our friend had rented headsets that allowed us to hear the drivers speaking with their pit crew and spotter. Now that’s what I’m talking about!! I find these conversations fascinating.
I do love being there – as long as the race is not eventful. The crashes are very emotional for me. One year when I sat in the stands and cried after a rather horrendous crash, our friend suggested that I never return to the track for my own sake!

However, if you have never seen one live and get a chance to attend a race…GO. I love the energy, the fans, and the excitement. It’s something to experience in person.

We’ve been going to the races since we were kids. My parents had grandstand seats, while my husband and I would drive into the infield when we were teens and young adults to watch the races. Now our sons love the sport.

In the late ’70s we went to the 24 Hour Race and parked our car infield on the 4th turn. Half the fun of this race is walking around the infield, people watching, talking with friends, eating, and oh yeah…and watching the race!

We walked from the 4th to 1st turn. It was almost midnight. Standing at the fence I turned to my husband, “I’m in pain, quite a bit!”

Because of the location of the Pits, in order to get back to our car the two of us had to walk from turn 1 to 2 to 3 and then to the 4th turn. By the 3rd turn, I needed to rest. Fortunately we saw a friend outside their Winnebago…ah a respite.20130707-144956.jpg

Sitting inside my pain continued. Two races were occurring. One outside on the track and one for me to get back to the car. As soon as we could we headed home around 1 AM. My pain continued…on again, off again, on again, off again…about every 10 minutes.

Yes! I was in labor! Our oldest was born later that day.

I don’t remember who won the 24 Hour Race that year, but I can say Wade and I won that day…

On the track, the drivers rode around in circles, never actually getting anywhere. Many times Wade and I did the same. We were so very young and made mistakes as young parents, but as we look back at our lives and see the race we have run, the race our sons are now running, we are thankful to our God for our many blessings. Over the years we gained wisdom. And now we see our sons and their wives as they raise their children doing the same.

In Biblical times when King David was about to die, he instructed his son Solomon, “I’m about to leave this world. Be strong and mature. Fulfill your duty to the Lord your God. Obey His directions, laws, commands, rules, and written instructions as they are recorded in Moses’ Teachings. Then you’ll succeed in everything you do wherever you may go. You’ll succeed because the Lord will keep the promise He made to me: ‘If your descendants are faithful to me with all their hearts and lives, you will never fail to have an heir on the throne of Israel.’ 1 Kings 2:1-4 (MSG)

Although God gave him great wisdom and wealth, King Solomon did not heed his father’s advice. He ran his race of life seeking pleasures with many wives, much drinking, materialism, and a life of foolishness.

It was not until the end that Solomon realized the truth in what his father said…a life without God is pointless.

Life without God is like trying to catch the wind. Like running a race in a circle with no destination.

In the end, Solomon said:

The last and final word is this: Fear God. Do what He tells you. And that’s it. Ecclesiastes 12: 13b-14a (MSG)


Run the race of life, dear friend. It is indeed a 24/7 event and keep in mind it is short.

Fight the good fight.

Keep the faith.

Do not wait until your final days to realize these truths.

Blessings, Susan

About Author
Susan Werthem is a Bible study leader, speaker and author.Image-1
She takes the Word of God and shares His truth in a humorous, unique and insightful way.

To contact Susan to plan a retreat or seminar Click here.

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