What If…

I very rarely Reblog someone else’s post. But I really like this!! Enjoy.What if

Chris Martin Writes

What if we stepped out of bed every morning with purpose and a desire to make a difference in someone’s life besides our own.

What if we stopped complaining about our Starbucks order being incorrect and bought a meal for the homeless guy standing on the corner with no shoes and a cardboard sign.

What if we stopped blaming inanimate objects for the violence we see in this world and started taking our responsibility as parents seriously.

What if we put the needs of others in front of our own.

What if we gave until it hurt instead of just enough to look good.

What if we turned off the amplifiers, microphones, and smoke machines and just listened for God’s still, small voice.

What if we stopped looking at the color of a person’s skin and started realizing we all bleed the same shade of crimson.

What if we started…

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