What Does Your Quilt Look Like?

This past week I worked with the Laboratory staff at a hospital in Pennsylvania.

They are a great group of people.

It was quite obvious as we met that each one knew their area of expertise and was quite knowledgeable.

However, in most cases I only saw one dimension of the staff. I saw their ‘clinical face’…which was appropriate.

We discussed the business at hand.

I was not there on a social call…we had important work to accomplish.

Wednesday I ate lunch with one of the staff members and learned more about her life outside the hospital. In the past she liked to garden, but quilting is her passion.

What a surprise when I learned that I had daily passed a lovely wall quilt she had created! I actually thought it was a painting as it was so beautifully done.


Many times at church we only reveal one dimension of ourselves. We don’t want others to see anything but our ‘church face’.


Church should be where we can be ourselves. Real. Warts and all. Beauty and all.

Allow others see how are lives are sewn together.

If all of us took our mask off, we would learn each of us is a patchwork quilt, sewn together by the golden thread of the Holy Spirit.

Be authentic. Take the veil off. Let fellow believers see the real you. Let them in.

How can we grow if we don’t allow others to encourage us, understand us, and then support us when we are in need?

Reveal yourself.

Blessings, Susan

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