Flew for work on Monday through Atlanta to Baltimore. As we pulled away from the gate (On Time!) we soon came to a halt.

We’d only gone about 200 yards when the Captain said that one of the radars in the tower had gone down! Oops. That does not sound good. He went on to say there would be a short delay ( think?)

Fifteen minutes later we were told the left engine had a mechanical problem and we were heading back to the gate. “We shouldn’t be long, the mechanics just need to check it.”

Not long?

When they broke out the peanuts, cookies and pretzels we knew that wasn’t a good sign…we may be here for a while.

I was prepared; work to do on laptop, books to read on e-reader, reading and preparations for job, snacks in overhead…I wasn’t going to let this get me down!

Peacefully I worked.

Anyway I’d rather fly with a working engine. I told my seat-mate, I lead a Bible study, but I just don’t want to meet Him today.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I will be with The Lord upon my earthly death. But I’ve come to realized God has great and wonderful plans for me. For years I’ve heard God’s calling for me to be a full-time Christian speaker. Now I’m only part-time…part-part-time speaker.

My heart’s desire has been to change that to full-time at some point on this path I am on… but then the doubts come in…How? When? Is this from me or God?

Doubts sneak into my thoughts.

But look at Zacharias in Luke. He and his wife were childless, a disgrace at that time…many Rabbis thought if couples were barren that tGod did not find favor with them. Advanced in years, beyond childbearing years God provide in a big way.

Elizabeth and Zacharias were the parents of John the Baptist!!

God provided perfectly…even in the way He informed Zacharias that Elizabeth was going to have a child.

During that time there were over 20,000 priest. Do many that they were divided into 24 groups. Each group ministered in the temple for a week. They then drew lots as to who would go into the Holy Place, burn incense and pray for God’s people.

Most would never have this blessed opportunity. But there stood Zacharias in the Holy Place when the angel Gabriel appeared.

Doubts entered into Zacharias’ mind. I certainly cannot blame him; can you imagine how you’d react?

<BR />

Back to my airplane delay. God knew I would be in that seat, waiting, and soon talking to my seat mate.

In the end I gave him my lifewhatajoy card for his wife…will something come of this? Who knows? But I need to step out in faith. Opportunities may just appear as the angel did to Zacharias, but I believe God doesn’t want me to be passive.

With anticipation I watch. I wait. Looking forward to the wonderful plans He has for me.

Blessings, Susan

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