Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day…this post is from last year.
Blessings, Susan


Mother’s Day – for me a bittersweet holiday. I am so proud of our two grown sons and feel so blessed to have had the privilege to be their mother.

However on Mother’s Day I have a heavy heart as I miss my Mom so very much. At times I find it hard to buy Mother’s Day cards for others because I see all the cards just for “Mother”.

But then I have to stop and think that the only reason it saddens me is because I had such a wonderful Mother. If she had not been full of grace, full of laughter, full of love, and just plain full of life…I would not find it so painful.

So I thank God that this day causes me some pain… As this pain results from the loving memories I have… of a Mother that was special, whom I loved and still…

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