A Mother’s Heart Prays

We were young.  We had little money. 

I was invited to a baby shower for a member of our Sunday School class. 

What was I to give? I could not afford a nice gift.  Then the Lord gave me an idea…make her a devotional book.

I paraphrased several Scriptures and made a blank place for her to insert her child’s name. 

Printed on pastel paper and bound with a ribbon I gave my friend a gift from the heart.

This was the birth of an idea…the year was 1985.

Twenty-four years later this idea became a book…”A Mother’s Heart Prays ~ Devotions from One Mom to Another”…

A collection of heart-warming stories from my life, friends’ family adventures, family oriented poems, and Scriptures to pray for loved ones.

I was on a mission when I wrote this.  Each page was a labor of love.  Each story has such emotion attached to it for me.  Stories about my kids, my friends, and my family.

This book makes a wonderful Mother’s Day, baby shower, or I’m thinking of you gift. 

Currently I am working on “More than a Band-Aid ~ A Hurting Heart Prays”…but I am getting distracted by wanting to write one titled “Meet Christ at the Tabernacle”. 

I love to write and feel so blessed that God has allowed me this ministry.

Blessings, Susan

3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Heart Prays

  1. Liz Farmer

    So glad He placed this ministry on your heart and that you followed through. It is a blessing and will touch many people!


  2. Patty Walsh

    Hi Susan, I purchased your “A Mother’s Heart Prays” for myself, daughter-in-law, and friend as a Mother’s Day present. I’m so blessed to have a daughter-in-law who is an awesome Mother & Wife, and your book was a perfect gift for her. Happy Mother’s Day, Susan


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