Take a Good Look – Part 3

I’ve been talking about answered prayer.

God answers our prays, just not always as we wanted.


He many times answers them differently than we wanted. But sometime He just Delays our request…it is just not time yet.

Sometimes we need more time to learn something; to become better prepared.

I was looking for a job a few years back. “Why am I still here?” I kept asking God.

A few months went by…still no new job on the horizon.

Then I learned a new skill at work.  Three months later I had a wonderful new job…why?  I had this new skill.

God was preparing me.Delayed

So if you are in that waiting room, wondering what God’s plan is…maybe your prayers are just being DELAYED while God prepares you for the next phase in your life.

God’s Design for Answering Prayers
  1. Answer  DIFFERENTLY
  2. Answer  DELAYED
  3. Answer them ___________ (for next time)

Blessings, Susan

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