Take a Good Look – Part 2

Yesterday I said we needed to take a good look at prayer…and to understand that ALL prayers are answered…just that there are times the answers are not exactly how we would like them to be.

We all really know that, but we tend to be more thankful and joyful when they are answered just as we wanted.

Or at least I’m this way at times. How about you?

A while back I prayed with a friend for the healing of her husband…he had cancer and was very ill. In the middle of praying I just knew that his healing was coming in the form of his resurrection…his new body in heaven. My friend realized that too.

This gave us such comfort. We wanted him to stay here, be healed and be a part of our lives, but God answered differently.

The beauty of this answered prayer is that it was answered just like God designed.

Alaskan Glacier
Alaskan Glacier

When we went to Alaska we went up in a helicopter to one of the glaciers. They were beautiful! But so different than we expected. That is what answered prayer can be like. Beautiful, just different than we expected.

God’s Design for Answering Prayers
  1. Answer them DIFFERENTLY
  2. Answer them ___________ (for next time)

Blessings, Susan

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