Tomatoes are like Heaven

For the past 10 years we have planted tomatoes in our backyard…usually the little cherry tomatoes. This year we never had a chance to start a garden.


In the middle of winter tomato plants just started growing in our backyard; in the flowerbed, under the oak tree and even through the patio pavers!!!

The abundance of tomatoes is crazy!!

Salads, BLTs, bruschetta, sauce…so good.

We have so many tomatoes that we are giving them away.

Which brings me to the title of this blog,

Tomatoes are like Heaven


I see that look on your face, that puzzled expression, but hold on, think about it.

I did nothing to get these tomatoes. They were a free gift. All I had to do was receive the gift.

Yesterday I filled my colander with tomatoes…shared some with a friend.


The Bible tells us that heaven is a free gift from God — not by works — we just need to believe and accept Christ.


The tomatoes were on the vine…right there within my grasp. But they weren’t mine until I reached out and accepted them.

Reach out and accept Jesus as your Savior and receive the free gift of heaven. Discover the free gift from God.

Tomatoes are like Heaven? Well, maybe not, but the next time you bite into one I hope it reminds you of Christ. Fill your colander with Him and share your faith.

Blessings, Susan

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