A Tribute to Shea and my Dad

Billy Graham’s beloved soloist, George Beverly Shea, went to be with the Lord on April 16th. He was 104 years old!!

For almost 60 years he ministered through gospel music.Slide1

My Dad heard him sing many times at various Billy Graham revivals. Around the year 2001 Shea came to First Baptist of Daytona and Dad had the opportunity to sing in the choir along with George. The highlight of that weekend was when we sat on the second row of the church, just behind the Pastor, Brother Bobby Welch, and Mr. Shea. They were 2 of my Dad’s favorite people. You would have thought they were rock stars!!

During the service George Beverly Shea stood up and sang his trademark song, “How Great Thou Art”…a song I had heard a million times growing up! We all stood and joined in the chorus.

As we sang I turned and looked at my normally stoic Father. Imprinted in my mind is the beautiful sight…Dad had his hands lifted up in worship to our Lord and Savior with tears running down his cheeks. It is a memory I cherish.

Less than a year later, Dad went to be with the Lord. I put together a slideshow of pictures for his memorial…I knew what song would play…”How Great Thou Art.”

This week when I read of Shea’s death, I knew that I wanted to dedicate one of my blog posts to him and to Dad. It is with great love and high esteem for both men I made this video. I hope you enjoy.

Our family was ever so fortunate to grow up with such wonderful parents…Mom and Dad were one of a kind!! They are truly missed.

Blessings, Susan


5 thoughts on “A Tribute to Shea and my Dad

    1. Our mom and dad were the best. We played games, we sang together, we had loads of people over to the house, we attended church together, went on lots of trips… But most of all we were truly loved


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