Open my eyes…let me see the details ~ by susan werthem

My husband’s 62nd birthday was earlier this week.  In celebration I picked up a cake, had the bakery write “Happy Birthday” along with his name.  Sneaking it into the house, I added a large candle that said “Aged to Perfection” and above his name I put 6 candles and 2 below his name for “62”.

cakeAs I was placing the cake on the table my husband, Wade, walked into the kitchen.  Proudly I smiled as he looked at the cake.

Slowly he turned his head toward me and asked, “Who is Wadd?”

“Wadd?”  I said.

Oh, yes, it said Wadd…not Wade…but Wadd!!

We laughed so hard.

I had checked the cake after the bakery decorated it…the lady tilted it toward me and I read it!!  I looked at it as I put it on a plate and when I placed the candles by his name.  And again as I put the cake onto the table.

We have had some great laughs over  this.  My girlfriend now calls him Wadd…but I don’t suggest you do!!

Wadd!!! I expected it to say Wade, so in my mind’s eye, it said Wade.

What do we see in our lives that are just one notch off…but we don’t notice it?

I know I need to pay better attention to the details.  I’m great at the big picture, but it is the details that will get me. What have I become numb to and where am I missing the mark?

Lord, help me to see the details…and thank you that I have a husband with a great sense of humor!!

Blessings, Susan

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