Going to Italy!!

We are so excited! Six of us are going to Italy next spring for 9 days.

Rome 2 days, Tuscany area 5 days and Venice 2 days.

I’m looking for ideas for each location…we will be driving.

Rome…want to see the historical sites. Do we get a guide?

Tuscany…want to visit some of those lovely small old towns away from the tourist. (I know I’m one of them…we just want to experience Italy without a bunch of others like us! LOL)

Venice…I don’t even know enough yet…

So…have you been? Any suggestions?

Do you live there? AH….you would know the best!!
Blessings, Susan

One thought on “Going to Italy!!

  1. I’m so excited for you! Unfortunately I don’t live in Italy (and have never visited) so I can’t recommend anywhere specific to visit in the places you are going to. You’ve probably already thought of this but I would recommend getting a good travel guide to Italy.

    Thank you for the continued prayers and blessings. This past week has been a rough time but my Mom and I are keeping positive and praying hard.


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