I too give witness to the greatness of God, our Lord, high above all other gods. He does just as He pleases-however, wherever, whenever. He makes the weather-clouds and thunder, lightning and rain, wind pouring out of the north. (Psalm 135:5-7 MSG)

I heard the rain from Tropical Storm Debby outside my bedroom window. Since I couldn’t sleep I decided I would look up the word rain in the Bible and I came upon Psalm 135.

It was not the verse about rain that spoke to me…it was verse 5: “I too give witness to the greatness of God…”

You see in Sunday School today someone said that God does not do miracles like He used to…such as the parting of the Red Sea, manna from heaven, etc

I disagreed for I am a witness to the greatness of God..

I witnessed the presence of God come into the hospital room and heal our son.

God parted my Red Sea And healing our son was Manna from heaven.


He has shown his people the power of his works…(Psalm 111:6a NIV)

What sea has He parted for you? Tell others about it. Shout it out!

We as Christians must share God’s greatness with others…so they know of His power, His strength, His enormity!

What storm has He calmed for you?

Or are you in the middle of a storm?

Share with us so we can celebrate your praises and pray for your needs.
Blessings, Susan



(on-going list at the end of each post) ~ Submit your prayer request here.

Please join me in prayer for the following requests and rejoice in the praises that follow.

  • joiez~ “Hello, please pray for me and my daughter to find a place to rent before our lease runs out that meets our needs. It’s been a struggle…”
  • Wade (my husband) ~ recovering from minor surgery

  • Brian Antonio ~ Premie, critically ill
  • Janna ~ my sister-in-law, dog just died; “Prayers for God to put a wonderful Christian man in my life.”
  • Linda ~ Lyme Disease
  • Serena at The College Commuter ~ “My mom is fighting the biggest challenge of her life: a serious illness. I am struggling with anxiety and worry. Please send positive thoughts and prayers to a much-loved mother and family.”
  • Becky ~ “Please keep my son and his family in your prayers as they are going through a difficult time with the devil working overtime on their faith and courage.”
  • Donna Collins Tinsley ~ “Please pray for my granddaughter, Aryel, 3 who is showing signs of liver problems; her whites of her eyes are yellow and her skin is also. After 2 days at the hospital out patient, still no answers. Please pray for her healing. Also that her dad will find a job. He has been out of work nearly a year.”
  • April ~ three sick dogs
  • Kelly ~ Dizziness
  • Diana ~ sell business
  • Sharon ~ husband has lymphoma & niece having bone marrow transplant


  • Brenda ~ Kevin and Danielle getting married this summer
  • Neighbor ~ cancer surgery, all went well…3 month checkup shows she is cancer free
  • Friend ~ trying to get pregnant…Yeah…she is!!!
  • Baby Claire ~ critical open heart surgery and in intensive care for months is HOME with her family.
  • Friend ~ hospitalized with collapsed lung and pneumonia…improving!!

Blessings, Susan

2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. AMEN, my sister!! Our God is at work always- and He invites US to join him in it- what an amazing thought that is!!!! I have certainly seen His hand at work in the lives of those I love- and in my own life, as well…


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