Prayer Requests~Praises by susan werthem

We have been praying for several people…here are the updates and praises.

Neighbor with cancer…surgery went well…3 month checkup shows she is cancer free.

Friend trying to get pregnant…Yeah…she is!!!

Baby Claire…critical open heart surgery and in intensive care for months is HOME with her family.

Friend hospitalized with collapsed lung and pneumonia…improving!!

My husband is slowly but surely recovering from minor surgery.

NOW NEW REQUEST: Joiez needs a place to live.

Update…please add my sister-in-law’s grandson Brian Antonio (premie) to your prayer list.

Also…I’ve decided to keep a running prayer list at the bottom of each blog going forward.

THANK YOU, LORD, for hearing our prayers.

Dear Reader, look at the picture below. Do you see the bald eagle in the trees? Probably not at first… and many times that is the way it is with God’s answers. We don’t see them at first… but He is there my dear friend and He hears your prayers.


Blessings, Susan

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