Baggage ~ what are you carrying?

I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting to take a flight to Pensacola, FL.
As many of you know I’m taking our 11 year old granddaughter to NYC tomorrow.

When I spoke to her Mom this morning she said Kaily was so excited she was bouncing off the walls. Well…ditto!
I’m so excited. I just can’t wait!!

I ask each of you to pray for our trip…
Traveling mercies ~
Safety ~
Good weather ~
That the trip is fun but educational.
We become closer…a time of bonding.
That when Kaily is an adult she will look back on this trip with fond memories…and hopefully next week she’ll feel that way too!

Our days are packed so pray that I can keep up with an 11 year old.

On the plane to Atlanta my heart was filled with such joy and happiness…so looking forward to my destination.
While one of my seat-mates, a lovely 24 year old young lady, had a heart filled with grief and sadness. She’s on her way to a funeral for a very dear friend ~ 25 year old young man who was in a car accident. No one’s fault; it just happened.


Looking around the plane and now the airport at all the people I wondered…what kind of baggage are they carrying? Is it one filled with heartache? Or one filled with fun?
Looking at the young lady on her way to a funeral one would never have guessed her grief. She was all smiles…wearing a mask, just to get through the trip.

We all do this at times.

Lord, I pray that I become more acutely aware that everyone has baggage no matter where they are going. Help me to be a blessing to them and not a hindrance.

Blessings, Susan

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