Take your medicine

Have ever tried to give a cat a pill?

Well it isn’t anything like the photos above!!!

Our cat will sit up for a cat treat but getting him to swallow a pill is another thing!! The claws come out and even with 2 of us ~ it’s a nightmare!!

Take your medicine!!!

is our mantra…but the cat does not pay heed!

I’ve tried everything ~ hiding it in food, mixing it with this horrible fishy hairball ointment-like goo that he actually loves, crushed it, dissolved it…

THE MEDICINE DOES NOT GO DOWN…and even if I had added a spoonful of sugar it would not go down.

Wrapping him in a towel, one if us holding him and the other brave soul prying open his mouth and stuffing it in is all that works.

I know he needs it. Wade knows he needs it. But the cat does not.

There are times that God wants to teach me a lesson. Sometimes that lesson is wrapped in the a form I do not want…don’t want to hear it, don’t want to do it…and other times it really is in a nice box or it even may be sugarcoated…but I still don’t want to listen.

I need it, but I kick and scream the whole way. My claws come out and I refuse to listen.

The “medicine” is what I need but may not be what I want.

But when God wants to get my attention…He will He’s good at that! He knows what is good for me.

He knows what is good for you. Is there an area in your life that needs some “medicine”?

Don’t make it hard on yourself. Open your heart and allow God in to do His work.

We each have paths before us…we must choose which one to take…if we listen to our Heavenly Father we will make better choices.

Blessings, Susan


4 thoughts on “Take your medicine

  1. HeeHee!! Yep- know how that goes- we ask for liquids- I can syringe anything- and they just bite the syringe- NOT my fingers!!! And how true- God must just shake His head at us sometimes!!


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