More on Lucy Van Pelt’s Advice ~ Get Some Friends

Yesterday I wrote about the Peanut’s Comic where Lucy is the Psychiatrist. When Charlie Brown asks how to cure loneliness, she tells him to Get some friends! I spoke of the special bond between Close Friends.

After referencing the comic, I contacted blogger Scott McGuire of and learned the original date of the comic was September 17, 1968! So, Sharon and I have been friends even longer than I thought!

My post referenced the different types of friends we have in our lives…
• Business Contacts
• Business Friends
• Acquaintances
• Social or Personal Friends
• Close Friends
• Family

After posting, Get Some Friends, I spoke on the phone to a wonderful woman that according to that list would fall into the category of Business Friend. NOT!!

Yes, I met her at work. She essentially reported to me…but this beautiful Christian woman is more than a Business Friend.
Over the past 24 hours I’ve received emails from 2 other Christian women I worked with in the past…they too are more than Business Friends.

So I thought I had to add a new category. Personal Business Friends. We don’t live near each other and actually I may never see them in person again, but I was blessed to develop a real kinship with these ladies.

As I reflected on their friendship I instantly recognized the common thread…their faith in God.

Over the past 12 years of being a road warrior…I’ve met so many incredible women with whom I still keep in contact…most of which are Christians. Do I need to add a category called Christian Business Friends? No, but as I write this I am pleasantly reminded of the unique connection one has with a fellow Christian.

Yes, God has placed some amazing women believers in my path over the years.

So as I proofread this I am thinking how silly of me to even try to make a list of the type of friends one has…what in the world does it matter?

I just need to be thankful for the blessing of their friendship. Period. Some are closer than others. Some I met through church, some through work, others as a youth, and some I met when I married to their brother!

They know who they are and I hope they know how much I value our relationship.

To those amazing women I say…thank you for your friendship.

Blessings, Susan

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