Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – for me a bittersweet holiday. I am so proud of our two grown sons and feel so blessed to have had the privilege to be their mother.

However on Mother’s Day I have a heavy heart as I miss my Mom so very much. At times I find it hard to buy Mother’s Day cards for others because I see all the cards just for “Mother”.

But then I have to stop and think that the only reason it saddens me is because I had such a wonderful Mother. If she had not been full of grace, full of laughter, full of love, and just plain full of life…I would not find it so painful.

So I thank God that this day causes me some pain… As this pain results from the loving memories I have… of a Mother that was special, whom I loved and still love dearly.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me my Mom…she was the best…I miss her…but I know she is with you and that I will see her again.

My mom was a really happy person. I remember seeing her walking to the car from the grocery store many times with a great big smile on her face. I would always ask her what she was smiling about and she would reply – oh nothing…. that was my mom – she’s just always had a happy attitude and a wonderful smile.

Another great memory I have of her was her gift of hospitality. She just loved to entertain. Any excuse to have friends over. I remember we had a bird’s nest in the backyard that had little baby eggs. When those little birds hatched, my mother had a party to celebrate their birth. We must of had 50 people over just to celebrate those little birds.

She also had a very generous heart. Although she didn’t work, her days were full of philanthropic activities. Twice a year she would gather clothes for the migrant workers. And she belonged to many service organizations that helped those in need in our community.

She loved her family and her family loved her.

Proverbs 31:28a

Her children rise up and call her blessed…

Yes indeed I rise up and call her blessed but even more so I call myself blessed for having been her child.

Blessings, Susan


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