From Fear to Blessings

Bank lobbies are not my favorite place to sit. I have an unreasonable fear of a bank robbery occurring. Where this fear or phobia came from I have no idea, but I feel the same way about the inside of a gas station or convenience store.

Crazy, uh?

So as I sit here I’m silently praying and very thankful for this opportunity to blog while I wait.

I decided I would write down an A-Z list of things I’m thankful for…

A ~ Ability to hear (I’m listening to a Jeremy Camp album)

B ~ B (Our youngest son’s nickname)

C ~ Cardiac (My recent checkup showed no cardiac problems)

D ~ Dad (Although my Dad died 10 years ago, I feel so, so blessed to have had such a wonderful Dad!)

E ~ Evangelism (As an RN over 35 years ago, a patient in the ICU shared his faith with me…thank you, Ross. )

F ~ Faith (For my faith in God…I truly do not know what my life would look like without Him…and I’m so glad I met Him at a young age)

G ~ Grandchildren (Is there anything better?)

H ~ Health (Although it has been up and down this year…it really has been just annoying things and nothing of consequence. )

I ~ It (It’s my turn!!!) Yeah!! The time really went by fast.

I’m home now – safe and sound. Crazy how I hate bank lobbies! But next time I’m waiting somewhere I’ll pick this up with J ~ … That will be easy…our oldest is named Jacob!!!

I challenge you to write down your alphabet of blessings.

Blessings to all of you, Susan


2 thoughts on “From Fear to Blessings

  1. savedgal7

    I REALLY like this idea, my friend! I AM going to write my own alphabetical blessing list- then I’ll share it with you!


    1. When I am stressed during an unpleasant test or procedure I normally make a list of words describing attributes of God; Abundant, Bountiful, Comforter, Deliverer, etc. This works great during an MRI~ focusing on Him and not on the test.

      I loved the new twist ~ words of thanksgiving.

      Blessings, Susan


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