Life is short

Where to begin?

Late yesterday afternoon as I took my walk, I saw our neighbor’s butterfly garden which is in memory of her daughter who was murdered a few years ago. Watching those butterflies made reflect on how only through God our Father could I survive such a tragedy. Only He could transform me and get me through such pain…I prayed for my neighbor that she will lean on God and allow Him to comfort her.

I then went to my hair stylist, Sharon, and as she washed my hair I shared with her that I was taking our granddaughter to New York City this summer.

Last year I had told our then 10 year old granddaughter that when she turned 12 that I would take her to NYC to see a Broadway play; hopefully The Lion King would still be playing.

But this year I began asking…Why wait? Life is too short and each day is a precious gift from God.

As I said this, tears formed in my hair stylists’ eyes…I learned she knew this better than I did. Her husband, Ken, was just diagnosed with a rare form of Lymphoma and is just beginning the medical journey of tests, chemo, surgery, etc.

Plus just a few days after he was diagnosed their 10 month old grandniece was diagnosed with an extremely serious and rare genetic disease and will require a bone marrow transplant. Fortunately the little baby’s seven year old sister is a match.

And on the way to get my hair done, I learned of a friend’s 23 year old daughter who was just in a horrendous car accident with major neurological injuries.

Yes, yesterday was filled with sad news and heartbreak…and the only place to turn was to God.

I couldn’t even form the words…but I knew that the Holy Spirit was interceding for me and that God knew my heart. So much sadness in one day!

I ask you to please join me in praying for each of these situations. Ask God to provide their physicians with the knowledge to care for them and for His Perfect Will to be done.

Hearing about the need for a bone marrow transplant, I told Sharon that I was on the bone marrow registry and had been for years. I have always said it would be such a privilege to be a match.

When I returned home, I had an email from the Registry…I was so hoping they were going to say I was a match…but no…they were asking if I was still committed…YES of course.

So, my dear reader, you can pray AND you can put yourself out there…join the Registry. I don’t think it was a coincidence that it was yesterday that I received their email. Do you?

Go to Be The Match

It is simple…they just need a cheek swab to see if you are a match. And to think…you may actually be that one person that could save another’s life. How cool would that be?

Blessings, Susan

PS…Baby Claire had her heart surgery over 2 months ago…she is now finally off of the ventilator. Her family was able to put her in a little wagon, roll her around the hospital and actually take her outside the other day!! She is now struggling with reflux and needs major abdominal surgery. The family is praying that they can postpone this for a while. Thanks to all of you for your faithful prayers.

3 thoughts on “Life is short

  1. savedgal7

    Hello my friend- so glad to see you back blogging- I will certainly pray for these challenging situations- they are all around us & right within our own families, it seems. Aren’t you glad we love & serve & worship a BIG God??!! Otherwise, we would be hopeless in the face of all this… Love u! In HIS grip!!!


    1. So good to hear from you!! Yes…good to be back blogging. And YES YES YES I am so glad we serve such a BIG God…we are blessed!! Thank you for praying for all of these dear people…and praying for you…love u!


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