Community-Charity Bands and Patient Safety

Do you wear a colored Community or Charity Band armband?

If you or your loved one wears such a band, please consider removing upon arrival and/or admission to a hospital for your own safety.

Most hospitals have adopted the use of colored arm bands to indicate if a patient has an allergy, is a Do not Resuscitate (meaning do not code the patient), patient is a high risk for a fall, patient is not to receive blood and blood products, is on swallow precautions, is allergic to latex, has an extremity that is restricted, etc.

These bands could be red, purple, blue, green, pink, etc….much like the Community and Charity bands.

The hospital uses these colors for high risk clinical situations. Even the military has adopted this policy and this is an excellent policy! This is for the patient’s safety but as a patient, you must be aware of how your Community and Charity bands could cause confusion.

So…just be aware and be smart.

Remove it if hospitalized

Hopefully you never will need to remove it and will stay healthy.

Blessings, Susan

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