Update on Baby Claire

Many people have inquired on Baby Claire…she continues to be very, very sick. Here is a brief overview of what has transpired.

1. Open Heart Surgery 2/20/2012 – never able to get off of ventilator for more then a few hours this weekend
2. Developed pneumonia mid-week – fever, fluid on lungs
3/1/2012 Status
1. Oxygen levels, BP and heart rate unstable
2. Unable to tolerate feeding tube
3. Remains on ventilator – high fever 103
4. Fluid on lungs – drained – chest tube in place
5. On diuretics and two antibiotics…and many heart and BP meds
6. Major infection – cultures of everything…not only of baby but IV tubes, etc.
Needless to say, a very sick little baby.
Please keep her and her family in your prayers.


3 thoughts on “Update on Baby Claire

    1. So amazing that through the Internet people all over the world can pray for this little girl.

      When our youngest son was just seven weeks old he was very sick and in the hospital. I remember putting nickels or dimes in the pay phone calling every Christian friend and church that I knew asking for prayer. His healing was such an amazing miraculous event. The power of prayer!!!!

      Keep on praying!!


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