Women’s Retreat

What a treat!

Proverbs 12:4a A gracious woman gets honor…

I’m spending the weekend with godly women from my new church. As I changed churches I was hoping to find women of faith…like my previous church…I did…the Body of Christ is here.

Lovely reverent wise ladies. All from a variety of backgrounds..but who we are does not depend on where we live or what we do for a living – it is WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST.

I believe I am among such strong godly ladies. With great anticipation I await what the Lord has in store for me the rest of the retreat.

Does your church have women retreats? If so GO! If not perhaps you should consider starting one. You will be blessed.


One thought on “Women’s Retreat

  1. Pam A

    Sooo glad you were able to join us & share this precious time of fellowship & learning- God is so good to us all!!! Now, as we have learned in our James study- we just need to go live it out!!! Hugs & blessings, dear friend!


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