What is the Source of my Life?

Today our pastor asked us,

What is the source of your life?

Is it the power of the Gospel and the Person of Christ?

I had to ask myself, Is the Person of Christ seen in my daily life?

If I make the Power of the Gospel the SOURCE of my life, then the person of Jesus will be seen in my life!!

But how do I do that?

I want to have a uniquely Christ-centered life and become an example of grace. But at times I find myself being legalistic forgetting about Grace or worse just living selfishly.

I want to be like Paul…to live a life of GRACE…not be caught up in some rigid religious movement, but to live a life full of grace with love for the truth resulting in being zealous for Christ.

My goal is to have zeal for the cause of Christ, not for my own agenda, but to have spiritual fervor for HIM.

Don’t get me wrong, zeal for Christ for me is not standing on the corner waving a cross…it is living a life that shows mercy, grace, God’s love, etc. in the daily simple tasks of life.

Romans 12 tells us to love from the center of who we are…what does that look like for you? What does that look like for me?

Romans goes onto say not to burn out, to keep ourselves fueled and aflame.

Whatever we keep ourselves fueled with is what will be in the center of our lives…I pray that I keep Christ in the center of my life and that the Holy Spirit fuels me…then the Power of the Gospel will be the SOURCE of my life and my light.

When I do this others will see the Person of Jesus in my life. Years and years ago there was someone whose life showed the Person of Christ to me…I wanted that peace…do I inspire others to want the peace of Christ?

Lord, I pray I do…and when I don’t, Father, forgive me…and show me how I can be the Christian you know I can be. Amen

Blessings, Susan

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