Be a Patient with Patience

As many if you may know I’m in the hospital with pneumonia. It has knocked my socks off, kicked the wind out of my sails, felt like I was hit by a Mac Truck and every other cliché out there!

This is the last place I expected to be this week. Our new grandson was born Monday and we planned on visiting him and his big brother this weekend. That’s not happening! However, we are thankful for the wonderful time we live in… Digital photos, FB, shutter-fly, etc. So we have “seen” him but not actually seen him.

Generally hospital visits are a surprise, an interruption to our daily routine, as this event was for us, and depending on the severity it can be just a bump in the road like this is or it can be a life altering physical, financial, and/or mental situation.

Here are my top 10 suggestions for when you’re hospitalized.

If possible, bring someone to act as your own patient advocate to ask questions, take notes, etc.
But also be your own patient advocate, even if you have someone with you.
Don’t be afraid to ask caregivers to wash their hands. If you do this from the very beginning the message will be passed on from shift to shift.
Understand what every medication is for…ask…it is your body. We ask our car mechanic more questions!
Be a courteous roommate (I won’t go there to what prompted that comment)
Find a way to show the love of God with all you come in contact…you don’t have to preach, but you can live the fruit of the Spirit. (even when you are in pain or can barely speak).
Pray, pray, pray and pray some more.
Pray in a very different way. Using the alphabet think of a word that describes the Lord, i.e. A = Awesome, B = Bountiful …. And then do the same for yourself, be real about how your really are then you can say where you want to be. This is a very relaxing way to talk to God…when finished start at Z.

Well I had 10 suggestions, but I’m too sick and too tired to remember the last two!
Awe, one of them was carry a list of Meds and Medical History with you…put it in your phone.
And get your flu shot and pneumonia vaccine!!!

YEAH!!! PTL!!! Heading home late this afternoon!
Blessings, Susan…it will be a few days before I post again.

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6 thoughts on “Be a Patient with Patience

    1. Yvette, are you trying to get me into trouble?? LOL
      I actually have to thank my roommate for creating the atmosphere all night long that gave me the time to slowly type out my blog entry. Blessings, Susan


    1. Thanks. As a Nurse I agree the top four are important…in fact almost essential. The most intelligent amongst us begin to stop listening when we hear “bad” news. We need that other set of ears.
      Blessings, Susan


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