Worth of a Book

This evening I was reading my inspirational quotes app and came across the following.

“The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.”

By James Bryce quotes (British politician, diplomat, and historian, 1838-1922)

WOW! Pretty powerful!

What are you reading and what are you carrying away from it?

4 thoughts on “Worth of a Book

  1. Great quote and question? Have you read the Crown of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin? I’m reading the first of the series now. Love it. Although I think the only thing I’m taking away from it is that I’m acting even more like a Queen then ever before!


    1. I have not read the Crown of Thrones series. I love to read fiction, but don’t normally care for fantasy novels. Never read Harry Potter…can you believe that? As far as fiction goes I like mysteries, legal topics. I am currently writing a Christian romance novel…well, have been for some time…and in fact, why it is not finished may be a good topic for a blog! Currently I am reading Confronting the Controversies…for a study with my Community Group at church. Have a great day…enjoy the role of the Queen!


    1. You are far from an idiot!! I was looking up Crown of Thorns for the first ten minutes after I read your reply! I was so excited about my novel and then I joined a fiction writers’ group – most of their writing was dark – mine being a Christian Romanace novel….well you can imagine how well that went over…I allowed their comments to discourage me. But I am pulling it out of the ashes and trying again. I have a medical mystery that is also partly done. I have completed a devotional book, it is on Amazon. And have completed a short story – mystery – have not done anything with that. Love to write. Have the beginnings of a devotional for wives, one for hurting hearts…I need to pick one project and finish it this year!


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