Cast Your Net

This past week my husband has been fishing for mullet. For those of you unfamiliar with this type of fishing, it is reminisce of biblical times. A circular net is cast over the side of the boat onto a school of fish…one can pull up an empty net or be fortunate enough to have several hundred pounds in one throw. This is not your Saturday afternoon fishing wearing a straw hat while drinking a cool glass of tea. It is tough work!

Wade enjoys the thrill of this type of fishing; finding the fish, casting for them, and of course selling them. In fact if we won the lotto, he would still go out on the water and throw his net. I’ve never seen someone love their job more than he does.

Fishing takes patience, a keen understanding of the weather and waters, and stamina. The Scriptures are filled with stories of fish and fisherman. Who did Christ choose to spread His Word and to build His church? Fishermen.

Spreading God’s Word not only takes understanding of the Scriptures, but also discernment of those you are sharing the Gospel. Effective personal evangelism takes patience; developing a relationship with your listener; allowing them to see Jesus in your life; gaining their trust. Sharing your faith is not a one-time, throw it on the wall and see if it sticks occurrence. One must be prepared to recast that net.

Jesus instructed us to follow Him and that He would make us fisher’s of men. (Matthew 4:19) The only way we can be successful evangelists is to invest time and energy into understanding the Scriptures. Wade did not become a successful boat captain overnight; it took work, studying, and patience. Likewise, we can’t expect to be effective in sharing our faith if all we do is sit in the pew; we must invest time and energy into educating ourselves and gaining understanding of the Bible, of what we believe so that we can be successful fisher’s of men.

Are you prepared to cast your net?


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