A Gift from Heaven

Rushing out of the house to do last minute Christmas shopping, mail packages, and get to an appointment on time, I found myself trapped at the house.  When you park your car in the garage it is imperative that the garage door opens and closes!  Being delayed, even for a few minutes, changed every moment for the rest of the day; who I would drive past, walk by, stand by in line with…every minute.

To me those daily small encounters that are altered by such timings are like small gifts from heaven…it is then that we have the opportunity to hear the gentle whisper of God’s grace, protection and provision.  Again today I heard His whisper in my everyday activities.

While out and about I was blessed to meet a young lady named Jill.  There were several people that could have taken care of me, but it was Jill who served me.  We shared stories with one another and found we had several people and places in common.  Some of the topics were trivial but others were of importance and we created a connection.   One piece of information I shared she valued…I possibly had the answers her co-workers had been seeking and for me to be the one that was able to help was just as much a gift to me as it was to them.  Jill and I may never see one another again, but I believe our meeting was God ordained and I trust Jill would agree.

The details of our encounter are not necessary for this entry, for they are not the focal point.  What is important is the lesson… to be willing to be used of God, to listen for His gentle voice as He whispers to us to take the risk and reach out to another person.  We need to be God’s face, His voice, His arms. 

This week as you finish your Christmas preparations, look for those opportunities to connect with those around you.  If you are delayed by lost keys, misplaced purses or wallets, or even by the garage door…listen for God’s voice as He may be preparing an important moment designed especially for you…a gift from heaven. 


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