Spiritual Cleaning

Clean Sweep


Psalm 51:10
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

I just vacuumed out the car and am thinking about washing it.  Not at all one of my favorite chores; actually I usually delegate that to my husband.  Ha, who am I kidding?  I cannot recall the last time I actually did vacuum the car.  In fact, as I was pulling the vacuum toward the car my husband wanted to know what in the world had happened, did I spill something?  LOL!!

Earlier in the day I had met a friend for lunch and afterwards she wanted to sit inside my new car.  We are best of friends, but all I could think about was the dirt on the floor mats and the messy cup holders.  It wasn’t bad, but I knew what I was going to do as soon as I got home.  Vacuum!

For me, this blog has been a similar experience…spiritual housecleaning.  I am on a journey to look for those nooks and crannies that need a good vacuuming, knocking down the cob webs in my mind, and sweeping out the habits that do not edify God while washing my soul in His Word.

Many times as Christians we don’t intentionally allow sin into our lives…it just creeps in…one grain at a time…until there is a huge sand pile.

Years ago our pastor spoke on this subject.  As he addressed the congregation he slowly walked from one side of the stage to the next…ever so slowly he crossed the platform.   None of us realized he had even changed locations until he mentioned it.  Sin is like that; inch by inch we let it into our lives and if we are not vigilant, grain of sand by grain of sand we become tolerant of our transgressions.

I for one am cleaning house!  Join me in a  journey of spiritual housecleaning.


Lord, on bended knee we come before you and ask you to create a clean heart in us, make a fresh start in each of us and calm the chaos in our lives.  Help us to remove the weights that impede our life journey, remove any bitterness or anger we have.  Help us to be kind and considerate to our family and friends, and especially, Lord, may we show compassion to each other.  Help us to search the inner depths of our character and soul to see what habits, actions and thoughts we need to have vacuumed out.  In your son’s holy name, Jesus, Amen.


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