Password Protection

Online security, identity theft, password protection…we are all familiar with these terms.   Have you ever stopped to count the number of User IDs and Passwords you have?  The other night I used  15+ different IDs and Passwords; paid bills using 3 different websites, looked at  2 different Facebook accounts, read email in 2 work and 3 personal accounts, signed onto e-card site, ordered gifts from 3 or 4 different websites, signed onto this blog, …the list goes on.

My husband and I did a quick count of the number of passwords we have – over 75!  And I am sure that is not the complete list.

Each site requires a unique and secure password making it is a daunting task to remember each one.  And if you write them down; what if someone finds your list?  Keep it in the computer?  What if the computer crashes?  On your phone?  Is that app really that secure if you lose your phone?   Send it to the cloud?  Just who has access to the cloud and where is this cloud?

I am not about to give advice on how to secure your personal data.  Each of us needs to make that decision for ourselves; just as we need to make the decision regarding our relationship with Christ. 

Do you know the password for entry to the Kingdom of God?  It is simple, easy to remember, and you just need to tuck it in your heart.  JESUS…


Father, my heart yearns for all to know your grace and love.  May they be filled with your Holy Spirit.  Amen



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