I have followed Tim Tebow since he was in high school.  A friend of mine lives in the same area he grew up.  He was a remarkable youth and now is an outstanding young man.  He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.  His faith in God is woven into his life.  The leadership he displays on the field and the respect of his teammates is evident.

Some of the media…okay, a lot of the media, frequently look for something negative to say about him.  Of course they rarely say their desire to be negative is because of his strong faith, so they speak of his unNFL quarterback style.  Well, his win in OT yesterday should give them pause on his style.  More importantly I hope they will recognize his faith is what is important not whether he completes a pass.

He may not pass like the rest of the NFL…but his FAITH is persistent.  I pray that his example brings others to Christ…I pray that I too bring others to Christ.

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